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no cost · no ads · all legal

        three easy steps:

    (1) Sign up for a free account.

    (2) Add the songs you like.

    (3) Push play and listen.


    Just listen. (no signup required)

    † No cost means no subscription or download fee and does not include the cost of a computer, internet connection, eletricity, etc. No ads means no ads in the audio stream or on the web page for the player, although some ads may be embedded in the video. All legal means that this is a front-end for YouTube and relies on YouTube’s validation of copyright and assumes you completely follow YouTube’s Terms of Service.

    Introducing a free legal way to play any music you want.

    Currently the models for playing music on the internet are:

  1. Pay for digital download.
  2. Pay for physical copy.
  3. Pay for subscription service.
  4. Listen to ads.
  5. Steal music.

    This custom music player (still very crude, but working on it as fast as I can) allows you to legally play music from the internet.

    NOTE At the moment, this only works from actual computers — smart phones and tablets will be added later.

    This is the music video player that the people at YouTube should have built years ago.

    You use this by creating an account (make sure your email address is real), go to YouTube and find videos of songs you like, copy and paste the YouTube URL (located in the address bar of your web browser), type in the song title, artist name, and the length of the video, along with comments (YouTube’s Terms of Service require that you add content), and add the song.

    Once you have at least three songs, you can have the player continually play random songs from your personal play list.

    Legal no ad music. The beauty of this system is that YouTube does all of the copyright checking for you. If there is a copyright violation, then YouTube will remove the video. YouTube does require that you add value, so it is important to add a meaningful personal comment when you add songs to your personal play list.

    I will soon be adding the ability to better manage your personal play list, as well as the ability to share your play list with your friends or the general public, and the ability to recommend similar songs..

    All of this is free and legal with no ads in your music.

    Cool, huh?

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a century of real blues

    All of the software you see in this player was written by a homeless person. Imagine how good this could be if the homeless person had regular access to a modern computer. If you can afford a modern computer, appropriate software, internet connection, electricity, and a place to work, contact us.

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