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“Delusions” by This Side of Sanity

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    “Delusions” is a New Wave rock song by This Side of Sanity.

    This Side of Sanity is the band created by Milo, who also created this music juke box player.

    Song Title: “Delusions”
    Artist: This Side of Sanity
    Genre: New Wave rock
    Composer: Copyright © music: Bill Gunville and Jeff Yorke; lyrics: Misha
    Lead Vocals: Rafael J. Aparicio, Jr.
    Lead Guitar: Bill Gunville
    Rhythm Guitar: Bill Gunville
    Keyboards: Jeff Yorke
    Bass: Misha
    Drums: Garix
    Producer: Milo (the person who is creating this Music Box)

    Artwork for This Side of Sanity Copyright © MichaelM


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